My poodle, Dea, the wise, astute and humorous narrator of Walking Alison, is the star.

Walking Alison

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After I published my first memoir, A Place Called Grace, I had read in many of the reviews that people were curious to know what happened to me. This is most likely because A Place Called Grace ends in a bittersweet manner and not a fairytale ending. I felt grateful that some of the readers cared enough about me, my character, Alison, to inquire. Others enjoyed my book and my writing and were looking forward to reading another.

I knew I had more of a story to tell but I just didn’t feel that telling it from my own point of view was going to be interesting enough. So, after talking with some friends about a new angle for writing a follow-up or second memoir, one of the suggestions stuck with me-hard. Why didn’t I try and write this book from my dog, Dea’s point of view? I thought this was a wonderful, novel idea but how would I achieve that and successfully tell my own story intertwined with Dea’s own story?

Frankly, in the beginning I had no idea how to even begin this venture– that is until I contacted my former editor for help. Through a lot of hard work while working with my editor Dea finally became the feisty, astute and comical narrator of my second memoir. It was the best decision I could have made. My dog is the star of the book and she has a lot to say.