What a terrific book event my mama and I had last Sunday Feb 4th at Barnes & Noble UWS! So many humans came and even some of my dog friends were there. Of course, because I was the narrator and the star of my mama’s story, I got to sit on my Alison’s lap the whole time. Take a listen!

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Walking Alison Book reading and signing at Barnes & Noble, Feb. 4th, 3pm.

Alison and deaBarnes & Noble on the Upper West Side of Manhattan is hosting a book reading and signing on Sunday Feb. 4th at 3 PM for my Alison’s memoir, Walking Alison: A Poodle’s Mostly True Story of Helping Her Human Navigate Life.

Of course, I will be there sitting on my mama’s lap or in my own chair next to her because I am the narrator of Walking Alison, the star of her story–the most important part!

Our stories intertwine a bit because we both have many things in common, such as the same birthday and we both love cookies, but as I am Walking Alison, I pull my human by the lead into making connections, enjoying life’s daily occurrences and moving her forward from loss and illness.

I am excited to greet you there!

Read more about the event at Barnes&Noble

Signed copies

Barnes & Noble had just gotten in the physical copies of our book, Walking Alison, and they asked me and Dea to come in to sign the copies! Dea is the narrator so she is the star! So excited.

signed copies of Walking Alison

The wonderful show “Get Booked” on Women’s Radio Station hosted by Hazel Butterfield promotes my new memoir, Walking Alison, which is narrated by my poodle, Dea.