Alison and Dea

Alison and Dea

Author Alison Rand was born and raised in New York City. She has enjoyed an eclectic professional background, including acting, voiceovers, audiobook narration, advertising copywriting, and social work. She currently lives in Manhattan with her poodle Dea.

Interestingly enough, Dea and Alison share the same birthday, April 2nd.

Dea was born six weeks after Alison’s beloved first dog, Alba died. At first, Alison was so bereft she couldn’t imagine that she could ever love another dog, especially the way she loved and cared for Alba who had suffered from concurrent illnesses her entire life.

But, soon enough, Alison realized she was pining for another dog and got in touch with a breeder she had heard about from a Facebook post. The breeder told her the good news– a new litter of poodles would be born towards the end of March (it was already the end of February) but she couldn’t guarantee there would be a black female, the color Alison had requested. Alison knew she could not get another chocolate poodle, Alba’s color. Alison couldn’t think of anything else until she heard the news.

Dea, the only black female, was born in a litter of 4 puppies, the night of April 2nd.

Alison was overjoyed and understood that this was a relationship “meant to be”.

Dea is in love with life, all people and all dogs. She even gives strangers that she meets on her walks with Alison knee hugs. After the hug,  the stranger would then tell Alison that Dea’s hug was the nicest thing that happened to them that day.